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What is craft cannabis?

Craft cannabis is the good stuff made the ol’ fashioned way, right? It’s, you know, natural and stuff. We know it when we feel it. Naturally that is a logical conclusion. But like the word natural, there is no legal definition, thus inviting cynical adoption of the term by advertisers and profiteers.

Do you feel something good is being lost in the rush to commodify cannabis? This is the moment to define craft cannabis before the term becomes as meaningful as a Tyson all-natural chicken nugget.

We propose a simple definition for craft cannabis: profit second, values first. In this world, we all need to make a buck. But is that all that matters? Maybe, and that’s fine. Just don’t call your work “craft”.

Growers have a craft. Investors have a scheme. That’s why craft cannabis is by definition independent, grower-owned and consumer focused. The push toward quick profit at minimal cost is antithetical to knowledge, wisdom and tradition. There is no limit to size; no inherent evil to mechanization. Instead, the focus should be optimization. What is the scale that empowers the grower and consumer? That is the sweet spot, derive profit there.

Regulations favor capital over craft in most states. It takes a lot of money to be compliant; licenses are limited and expensive. Growers sacrifice independence and control to play the game. Tradition is lost; quality declines; farmers become outlaws, or obsolete.

Legalization is stuck between reality and dream. It is half birthed, and stuck in breech. Cannabis growers have a skilled craft. Now is the time for growers and consumers to seize upon and advocate for the very identity of craft cannabis.

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